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Birmingham to Kington: 1st August

(The route on Strava)

Starting a journey with the best of friends.

Getting ready outside Seaton Grove

We stopped for a delicious lunch in Tenbury Wells, finding a bakery that provided us with sumptuous pesto bread.

After arriving into Kington, the obligatory 30 minute stretch commenced, during which Tom was mocked mercilessly (for a change), Hannah managed to make stretching look like a foreign language and Paddy refused to hold a stretch for longer than it took him to deride the concept of stretching. A dinner of pesto pasta was well deserved!

The evening was rounded off nicely with a few pints at the pub and a show of pool prowess from myself and Hannah.

Kington to Llanddeusant: 2nd August

(The route on Strava)

Having been joined by Lucy the evening before, the six of us lined up outside the Kington hostel (after a filling porridge and jam breakfast).

Matt, Lucy, Hannah, Alice, Paddy & Tom

During our lunch break we found ourselves in the midst of a Gurkha parade

We finally climbed the last hill, 14% for half a kilometre, up to the YHA hostel in Llanddeusant. The hostel would have had a spectacular view of the stars, had it not been a cloudy evening!

Llanddeusant to Abercastle: 3rd August

(The route on Strava)

After an impressive 108km, we congratulated ourselves with a quick drink a mile outside Abercastle.

Just another mile downhill took us to a warm welcome from the Ripley family in Abercastle



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