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Arriving into Italy and springtime

I was not expecting crossing the border to have such an impact on the weather. Turns out the south side of the Alps is a whole different climate!

Milan and Marcela

I arrived to Milan to the dream hosts, Marcela and Gabi, who had made a welcome cake, dinner and all sorts of delicious desserts.

North Italy’s rice trade

I then left Milan and head for the rice paddies of Vercelli. Just outside of Vercelli I stayed with a ‘Warm Showers’ host family in a rice trade office. Not only did I learn something about the north Italian rice trade (which I didn’t even know existed) I also found the Slow Food guide book, which went on to determine my eateries for the next few weeks.

Turin and Novi Ligure

I spent the weekend with Francesca and her marvellous friends

I was honoured then to stay with Ivo’s Mum in Novi Ligure. Novi Ligure rather unexpectedly has a huge cycling museum!


This is the city where I learnt how to use a chain tool thanks to an unexpected bike mechanic specialist staying in my hostel. Thanks Shaun!


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